Chris Smith (Resident Fight Director) could not be more thrilled to be a member of Midsommer Flight. Chris graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in Acting with a focus in Stage Combat. Chris is an Advanced Actor Combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors and attended The United Stuntmans Association’s Stunt School in Seattle, WA. With Midsommer Flight, he has appeared in Romeo & Juliet (Tybalt/ Fight Captain), Much Ado About Nothing (Don Pedro/Fight Captain), Macbeth (Macduff/ Fight Captain), and Twelfth Night (Toby/ Fight Choreographer). Chris spends his days making swords as a Shop Assistant to Neil Massey at Rogue Steel. Chris would like to thank Beth for the amazing opportunity and honor of being a part of this company, the rest of his fellow company members for all the artistic support and friendship, his family for all their love and support, and Maureen for being the greatest woman in the world. (It’s true folks.)