Sommercast: A Midsommer Flight Podcast
Where Shakespeare and Chicago meet.

Midsommer Flight invites you to join Chicago actors Julian Stroop and Margaret Kellas on an audio tour of Shakespeare in Chicago. They cover everything from text work and history to modern day practice and current trends for Shakespeare nerds and newbies alike. Enjoy performances and interviews from guest artists, and some new perspectives on some very old plays. Also stay up to date with information about Midsommer Flight’s performance and events to catch some free public Shakespeare in Chicago.

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Julian Stroop
Margaret Kellas


Episode 1 – Pilot – Get to know Julian, Margaret, and Midsommer Flight (May 2017)
Episode 2
 – A conversation with Midsommer Flight’s Resident Music Director, Elizabeth Rentfro (June 2017)
Episode 3
 – Interviews with Hamlet cast and crew from rehearsal in the park (July 2017)
Episode 4
 – An interview with Midsommer Flight Founder and Producing Artistic Director, Beth Wolf (August 2017)
Episode 5 – A short episode to catch up with Julian and Margaret (September 2017)
Episode 6 – The Halloween episode, plus an interview with Sam Cheeseman from Hamlet (October 2017)

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