Fourteen Lines is a collection of William Shakespeare’s sonnets set to original music. 

Building upon its success creating original music for productions, Midsommer Flight has developed it’s first stand-alone album of twelve Shakespearean sonnets set to music. Composed by Midsommer Flight ensemble members Elizabeth Rentfro and Erick Rivera, the album features ensemble members and guest musicians in songs ranging from pop to blues to rock and roll – and everything in between. 

Album Now Available!

Liner Notes

Sonnets 18, 116, 29, 66, 105, and 57 composed by Elizabeth Rentfro.
Sonnets 130, 50, 27, 147, 17, and 71 composed by Erick Rivera.
The lyrics are all Shakespeare’s.

  1. Summer’s Day (Sonnet 18)
    Elizabeth Rentro (Composer, Vocals, Percussion), Erick Rivera (Guitar)

2. My Mistress’ Eyes (Sonnet 130)
Erick Rivera (Composer, Guitar, Bass, Drums), Joe Sergio (Vocals)

3. My Grief Lies Onward (Sonnet 50)
Erick Rivera (Composer, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums)

4. No Quiet Find (Sonnet 27)
Erick Rivera (Composer, Guitar), Beth Wolf (Vocals), Kim Egan (Clarinet), Maureen Yasko (Flute)

5. Marriage of True Minds (Sonnet 116)
Elizabeth Rentfro (Composer), Shane Roberie (Vocals), Nick Villalon (Vocals, Guitar)

6. As Black as Hell, as Dark as Night (Sonnet 147)
Erick Rivera (Composer, Guitar), Joe Griffin (Bass), Martin Gutfeldt (Saxophone), Amy Malcom (Vocals)

7. For Thy Sweet Love (Sonnet 29)
Elizabeth Rentfro (Composer, Mandolin, Vocals), Laurea McLeland (Vocals), Halie Merrill (Vocals, Guitar), Ian McLeland (Guitar)

8. Tired (Sonnet 66)
Elizabeth Rentfro (Composer, Piano), Shane Roberie (Vocals), Martin Gutfeldt (Saxophone), Erick Rivera (Bass, Drums), Jeremy Thompson (Back Up Vocals, Cajon)

9. An Antique Song (Sonnet 17)
Erick Rivera (Composer, Guitar, Vocals), Beth Wolf (Vocals), Kim Egan (Clarinet), Maureen Yasko (Flute)

10. Fair, Kind, and True (Sonnet 105)
Elizabeth Rentfro (Composer, Mandolin, Back Up Vocals), Erick Rivera (Guitar), Dylan S. Roberts (Shaker), Jeremy Thompson (Lead Vocals), Maureen Yasko (Flute, Lead Vocals), Beth Wolf (Lead Vocals), Midsommer Flight Ensemble (Ensemble Vocals)

11. A Fool is Love (Sonnet 57)
Elizabeth Rentfro (Composer, Piano, Vocals)

11. After I Am Gone (Sonnet 71)
Erick Rivera (Composer, Vocals)


Executive Producer | Beth Wolf
Album Producers | Elizabeth Rentfro and Erick Rivera
Recording Engineer | Joe Griffin
Additional Recording | John Toljanic
Graphic Design | John Morrison

Conceived, composed, and recorded in Chicago, IL.
© ℗ Midsommer Flight 2018. All rights reserved.

Midsommer Flight is a not-for-profit theatre company dedicated to presenting high quality, accessible productions of Shakespeare’s plays in Chicago communities. The company has produced free Shakespeare in the park since 2012 in Chicago neighborhoods, performing to large crowds and growing each year. In 2015, the company also expanded its programming to present an indoor holiday production of Twelfth Night inside the Lincoln Park Conservatory, an iconic greenhouse located in the heart of the city. This is the company’s first stand-alone album.