What if it rains?

With A Midsummer Night’s Dream getting ready to open this weekend, many people are asking, “what if it rains?”

The short answer is: we sure hope it doesn’t.  But if it does, we plan to do the show anyway, rain or shine.

The show will go on as long as there is an audience to watch it and as long as conditions are safe (that is, light or medium rain is probably safe while crazy severe thunderstorms are not).  If the weather is so terrible that we cannot go on, we will try to delay the performance to allow the storm to pass.  After that, if it appears that the weather isn’t going to clear enough for us to go on, then we will cancel.  Hopefully we won’t have to do that.

So far, the forecast is looking promising.  But if it does start to rain, this group of actors is pretty tough.  If you are willing to open up your umbrella and keep watching the show, then they will continue performing!

Performances this weekend are Saturday at 6:00 PM (live music by Dave Fink starts at 5:00 PM) and Sunday at 2:00 PM (live music by Clare Adella starts at 1:00 PM). 

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