Announcing the Cast of Romeo and Juliet

Rehearsals start tonight for Romeo and Juliet.  We are so excited to jump off the cliff with the following wonderful folks!

Ashlee Edgemon Juliet
Nick Ferrin Gregory, Peter, Paris’ Page
John Ham Benvolio
Brendan Hutt Friar Lawrence
Kanome’ Jones Chorus, Prince
Nyle Kenning Sampson, Friar John
Molly Lyons Nurse
Mason Pain Paris
J. Preddie Predmore Lord Capulet
Rachael Proulx Lady Montague
Brian Scannell Romeo
Chris Smith Tybalt
Julian Stroop Mercutio
Adam Welsh Abraham, Balthazar
Sheila Willis Lady Capulet
Beth Wolf Director
Dylan Roberts Assistant Director
Beth Laske-Miller Costume Designer
Ross Lemmon Props Designer
David Yondorf Violence Designer

For more information about our cast and crew, please visit the Meet the Artists page.

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