“Can I ask you something?”

Midsommer Flight’s annual fundraising campaign is underway to support Macbeth in the parks this summer. Please help us reach our goal to raise $1,250 through crowdsourced funding.

Donate Now.

Your donation makes a difference. Midsommer Flight ensemble member Meredith Ernst, who played Margaret in last summer’s Much Ado About Nothing, shared this story:

Last year after a performance of Midsommer Flight’s Much Ado, a little boy came up to me after the show and said, “hey-hey-hey can I ask you something?” I responded, “of course!” And the boy said, “why can’t people just be honest and upfront with each other? That would just make things so much easier. Claudio should have talked to Hero first.”


Dumbfounded, I said, “what are you, 8?” (He was 10.) We talked for about ten minutes after that. The point of this story is, Shakespeare is important, relevant, and Midsommer Flight does really great work.

Take Meredith’s word for it: Midsommer Flight is worth supporting. Our work in the parks brings the arts to Chicago communities, but we can’t do it without support from people like you. Thank you!

Donate Today.

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