MACBETH by the Numbers

Another summer under our belts! Macbeth marked our fourth summer in the parks. Here’s how it went, by the numbers…

1,224 total audience members saw the play
102 average audience members at each performance
33 characters with distinct costumes
18 actors
15 scheduled performances
12 performances started
11 performances completed
8 weeks
8 swords used onstage
6 production staff members
5 knives/daggers used onstage
4 Chicago parks
3 battle axes used onstage
2 shields used onstage
2 performances canceled due to weather
1 performance stopped halfway through due to severe flash storm
1 understudy performed one show due to an actor’s family emergency
1 performance canceled due to an actor’s wife going into labor 6.5 weeks early

Many challenges. Even more victories. One amazing summer.



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