Introducing the Cast of AS YOU LIKE IT

COLLAGE1Midsommer Flight is thrilled to announce the cast of AS YOU LIKE IT. These fifteen talented actors will spend the summer touring to four Chicago parks, bringing free Shakespeare into Chicago communities.

The cast features Midsommer Flight ensemble members Adam Habben (Touchstone) and Elizabeth Rentfro (Jaques), along with returning guest artists Margaret Kellas (Audrey), Ian Michael Minh (Oliver, Lord, Musician), and Erick Rivera (Amiens).  Newcomers to Midsommer Flight include Emily Demko (Rosalind), Charlee Cotton (Celia), Eric Duhon (Orlando), and more. The full cast list is below.

With rehearsals starting next week, Midsommer Flight is excited to jump into another summer in the parks. We hope to see you at the show!


in alphabetical order:

Charlee Cotton (Celia)
Emily Demko (Rosalind)
Eric Duhon (Orlando)
Richard Eisloeffel (Silvius, Second Lord)
Adam Gianforte (Le Beau, Lord/Musician, Jaques de Boys)
Sonia Goldberg (Corin, First Lord)
Adam Habben (Touchstone)
Margaret Kellas (Audrey, Lady at Court)
Maggie Miller (Adam, Oliver Mar-text)
Ian Michael Minh (Oliver, Lord/Musician)
Alexis Randolph (Phebe, Lady at Court)
Elizabeth Rentfro (Jaques)
Erick Rivera (Amiens)
Shane Roberie (Charles, Lord/Musician)
James Sparling (Duke Frederick, Duke Senior)

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