Twelfth Night

directed by Beth Wolf

December 4-19, 2015

Performed in the Show House Room at the Lincoln Park Conservatory


“Following the biological imperative that the dark nights around the solstice should be filled with as much light as possible, Midsommer Flight has brought its Shakespeare-in-the-parks act indoors with a bright and joyful rendition of Twelfth Night.” RECOMMENDED. Aimee Levitt, Chicago Reader, 12/7/2015

“With this production, Midsommer Flight marks its arrival as an artistic force. Using the simplest of means, this youthful, talented troupe opens up a world of pleasure in Shakespeare’s poetry and insight, while never pandering to the audience. … For all the love that blossoms and laughs that sparkle in Beth Wolf’s flowing, dreamlike direction, there is a sadness that grips every character. When Malvolio vows his revenge on the pranksters, it feels like a golden age is ending. His anhedonic, proto-corporate personality is the model of the modern man, and in laughing at him we are laughing at ourselves. “Twelfth Night,” with its breadth of spirit and fecundity of wit, reminds us of how much joy and feeling has been shaken out of the world since Shakespeare’s time. It’s a valuable lesson, well taught here, and I for one hope this becomes an annual holiday tradition.” RECOMMENDED. –Hugh Iglarsh, NewCity Stage, 12/9/2015

“Before the show even starts, the talented ensemble is making merry by singing, dancing and playing instruments.  …  The folksy band of guitars with a banjo, flute and clarinet provide a playful scene transition … The makeshift minstrel troupe keep the pace light and frolicking. Along with the zesty music, the comedy is pure lampoon.  At my performance, a few very young ladies (maybe 5-7 years of age) were loudly cracking up at the zany men of mischief… Love is definitely in the air in this delightful Midsommer Flight romp. The high-spirited ensemble’s merriment is infectious.” —Katy Walsh, The Fourth Walsh, 12/13/2015

“Midsommer Flight Does Shakespeare Right! Delightful, hilarious, and authentic… The troupe works and plays together wonderfully and their enthusiasm is infectious.” —Debra Davy, Chicago Splash, 12/16/2015

Cast and Crew

Collage1CAST: Will Burdin, Jared Dennis, Meredith Ernst, Adam Habben, Kanome’ Jones, Jake Jones, Nick Loumos, Alex Mauney, Ian Michael Minh, Elizabeth Rentfro, Erick Rivera, Chris Smith, Trey Wright, and Maureen Yasko.

PRODUCTION STAFF: Beth Wolf (Director), Monisa Victrum (Assistant Director), Elizabeth Rentfro (Composer/Music Director), Chris Smith (Violence Designer) and Elizabeth Shorrock (Costume Designer).


Photo credit: Tom McGrath, TCMcG Photography

This project was partially supported by the Illinois Arts Council Agency.