Reflecting on Summer 2012

It’s been almost a month since A Midsummer Night’s Dream closed, and as we reflect back on the summer there are many exciting memories to cherish.  We are so incredibly proud of what we accomplished in this first summer in the park!

Over four performances, a total of approximately 270 people came to the show.  Countless others stopped by to enjoy a scene or two before moving on with their dog walking, errands, or playtime in the park.  Our audiences consisted of die-hard theatergoers, Shakespeare fans, interested community members, and many curious neighborhood children.  Our largest audience was about 125 people, and our smallest around 30 people.  That smallest audience was also our most dedicated – they huddled under umbrellas to watch a performance in the rain! 

We set out to have a joyful summer, and indeed we did.  Many members of the community commented about how wonderful it was to have Midsommer Flight in the park, while those who traveled from other parts of the city to see the show commented on how amazing it was to see the neighborhood kids so engaged in our work.  It was a truly rewarding summer!

Many thanks to everyone who helped make the production possible, and to everyone who came out to support Shakespeare in the Park.  There were too many magic moments throughout the summer to recount all of them here, but over the next few weeks we will recount some of them on this blog.  Check back for photos and stories of our summer in the park. 

If you saw the show and wish to share a memory of your own experience with Midsommer Flight this summer, please comment on this post! 

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