Summer Anecdote: Rehearsing With the Neighborhood Kids

During the weeks leading up to the show, we rehearsed outdoors in the park.  The neighborhood kids came to watch us, some over and over again.  One day, a group of about 5 children sat down to watch us rehearse, and we handed them each a postcard with information about the show.  A few minutes later, a woman walked over (probably their mother), and they all got up and ran to her, waving the postcards at her to tell her about the show.  It was one of many exciting moments when we all felt like our work was inciting new ideas and curiosity in children who have likely never seen Shakespeare before.  A few weeks later, many of the neighborhood kids came back to watch us perform the whole show.

A young audience watches our rehearsal.

This post is part of a series recounting our amazing summer at Touhy Park on the north side of Chicago.  Feel free to share your summer memories of Midsommer Flight by commenting on this post!

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