Summer Anecdote: Performing in the Rain

The day of our final performance, it rained.  At first, we were disappointed because it was clear that our audience would have been significantly larger had the weather cooperated.  But about thirty people braved the rain with their umbrellas to watch the show, and they got to see some amazing moments that no one else ever saw!  The actors improvised with umbrellas and towels to get through the show, creating some spontaneous moments of delight.  One such moment occurred right near the beginning of the play.  When Lysander (Adam Habben) got down on one knee and proposed to Hermia (Anne Korajczyk), she grabbed his umbrella and threw both his umbrella and her own to the ground to leap into his arms.  It was a moment of pure joy, two young people so in love that they didn’t care about the rain!

At the end of the performance, as the audience applauded the actors, the actors broke out into applause for the audience.  Many thanks to the brave theatregoers who weathered the summer storms in the name of Shakespeare!

Our performance in the rain, complete with umbrellas!

This post is part of a series recounting our amazing summer at Touhy Park on the north side of Chicago.  Feel free to share your summer memories of Midsommer Flight by commenting on this post!

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