Chicago City Council Honors Midsommer Flight

We are surprised and delighted that the Chicago City Council has adopted a resolution in honor of Midsommer Flight! Presented at a meeting of the city council on September 12, 2012, it bears the seal of the City of Chicago and is co-signed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and City Clerk Susana A. Mendoza.

The resolution reads:

A resolution adopted by The City Council of the City of Chicago, Illinois

Presented by Alderman Edward M. Burke on September 12, 2012

Whereas, Midsommer Flight, Chicago’s newest theater company, recently held its inaugural series of performances at Touhy Park in the Rogers Park community; and

Whereas, The Chicago City Council has been informed of this event by Alderman Edward M. Burke; and

Whereas, Midsommer Flight is a Chicago theater collective dedicated to bringing the arts into Chicago neighborhoods by producing outdoor performances by England’s most famous playwright, William Shakespeare; and

Whereas, The highly talented group, headed by Founder and Director Beth Wolf, gracefully staged four performances of A Midsummer Night’s Dream over two weekends during the month of August; and

Whereas, Despite dealing with inclement weather during one of the performances, the performers plied their trade for the large, brave audience; and

Whereas, The cast featured actors Jared Dennis, Ross Patrick Frawley, Adrian Garcia Jr., Adam Habben, Annie Hogan, Caroline Kingsley, Anne Korajczyk Lentino, Jason Markoff, Kelsey Melvin, Ken Miller, J. Preddie Predmore, Jeannie Saracino, and Stephanie Shum; and

Whereas, The free performances were watched by crowds of picnickers and preceded by musical guests, including guitarist and singer David Fink, singer and songwriter Clare Adella, the folk duo Duck and Goose, as well as solo singer and guitarist Morgan Foster; and

Whereas, As a newly established arts partner of the Chicago Park District, Midsommer Flight plans to offer educational theater classes at Touhy Park during the months of September and October; and

Whereas, Midsommer Flight hopes to continue to provide an outlet for the arts throughout additional neighborhoods in the future; now, therefore

Be it resolved, That we, the Mayor and the members of the Chicago City Council, assembled this twelfth day of September, 2012, do hereby honor the Midsommer Flight theater troupe on their dedication to bringing the arts to underserved communities; and

Be it further resolved, That a suitable copy of this resolution be presented to Beth Wolf, Founder and Director of the Midsommer Flight theater troupe.

Rahm Emanuel, Mayor
Susana A. Mendoza, City Clerk

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