Romeo and Juliet is Reader Recommended!

What a fabulous opening weekend!  Romeo and Juliet opened to great audiences and lovely weather. The audience reaction so far is uniformly positive, from the neighborhood kids to the seasoned theatergoers who came out to the park this weekend. We can already tell this is going to go by too fast — only three weeks left now to see the show.

Our first review is in and it’s a rave!  The Chicago Reader sings our praises and has added Romeo and Juliet to their Recommended list:

I’d be singing the praises of Midsommer Flight’s latest, an outdoor performance of Romeo and Juliet in Rogers Park’s Schreiber Park, even if I weren’t so admiring of its mission: to perform Shakespeare in under-served communities. Part of the thrill was the random appearance of intrigued locals not used to hearing Shakespeare in a corner lot. R & J is, of course, the classic tale of emotional extremity. Director Beth Wolf moves things along with speed and agility, cutting strategically and keeping the whole thing under two hours. The simple set (four wooden boxes which become balcony, bed, and tomb) allows the words to take center stage. The actors are uniformly strong, from bawdy scene stealers Mercutio (Julian Stroop) and Nurse (Molly Lyons) to the solid leading lovers. Brendan Hutt’s Friar Lawrence had me considering the radical, subversive role of the church in devotion to love. —Suzanne Scanlon

We are so incredibly proud of this show and the work that the cast and crew have done to bring it to life.  If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t miss Romeo and Juliet!

2 thoughts on “Romeo and Juliet is Reader Recommended!

  1. Wow, thanks for a wonderful afternoon! I wasn’t sure what to expect (especially since I’d brought along my 5 yr old granddaughter) but you guys did a first-rate job. The acting, the costumes, the liveliness of the production made it accessible to her, and very enjoyable for us Shakespeare fans as well. I’m so delighted you did this right here in Rogers Park! Bravo! Thank you! Please keep me informed of future productions.

    1. Thank you for coming to the show and for sharing this lovely feedback! We’re so glad you enjoyed the show!

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