More Praise for Romeo and Juliet!

The praise keeps coming for Romeo and Juliet!  Chicago Theater Beat had quite a lot to say about our fantastic production:

[Romeo and Juliet] has captured the imaginations of generations and has been performed and adapted many times over – so much so that making a performance of Romeo and Juliet seem fresh is a challenging task. Midsommer Flight‘s Romeo and Juliet, however, manages to do exactly that….

Performed in Schreiber Park, this theatre experience is laid-back, and the production seems to foster a true sense of community as families who wandered into the park to play, were drawn to the show. It was also wonderful seeing young children in the audience….

[Ashlee Edgemon as Juliet] gives a spirited and endearing performance, and in Juliet’s happier moments, manages to exude a joy that is infectious. In the more somber moments of play, Edgemon’s performance deftly transitions to mournful without feeling sudden or overdone…. Edgemon and Brian Scannell, who played Romeo, have great chemistry together…. Another thoroughly enjoyable performance is Molly Lyonsas Juliet’s nurse. Lyons’ sincerity lends a sense of authenticity to Juliet’s scenes with her, which are among the best in the play.

Overall, this clean-cut execution of possibly the most famous love story in the world wins because it gives you the play as is, straight up, just as Shakespeare intended it (or as close as we can get today!) Whether you have read “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare” or are only just beginning to dip into the Bard’s works, this a great way to spend a relaxing midsummer eve.  –Anuja Vaidya

You can read the entire review here.

2 thoughts on “More Praise for Romeo and Juliet!

  1. Loved Romeo and Juliet. It’s so wonderful to have Shakespeare available to whole families, and with the greatest talent on “stage” and in support of the entire programs. Looking forward to the next Midsommer Flight program!

    1. Thanks so much! We are excited to get back out in the parks this summer with Much Ado About Nothing. We’ll see you there!

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