Announcing Midsommer Flight’s Artistic Ensemble

Happy New Year!

Although the Midsommer Flight website has been quiet since our summer production of Romeo and Juliet closed, the company is definitely still at work.  Exciting things are in store for Midsommer Flight in 2014.  Starting with…

…the formation of Midsommer Flight’s Artistic Ensemble.  These talented and dedicated artists have already made significant contributions to the company over the first two years.  Please join us in welcoming the new faces of the company!  You can read about these fantastic folks on our brand new Meet the Company page.

Midsommer Flight Artistic Ensemble
Ashlee Edgemon

John Ham
Kanome’ Jones
Beth Laske-Miller (Resident Costume Designer)
Molly Lyons
J. Preddie Predmore
Dylan Roberts (Producing Manager)
Brian Scannell
Chris Smith
Julian Stroop
Sheila Willis

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