Episode 13: Sommer’s Day

Julian chats with Elizabeth Rentfro and Erick Rivera, composers of FOURTEEN LINES, Midsommer Flight’s new album of Shakespeare sonnets set to original music. The album will debut at a release party tonight, Monday, September 17. Erick and Elizabeth describe what it’s like to compose for sonnets, how the album came to be, and preview the first track on the album, Summer’s Day (Sonnet 18).

Sommercast Episode 11: LaKecia and Juliet

Happy summer! Julian and Margaret sit down with actress LaKecia Harris, who appeared as Viola in Midsommer Flight’s 2017 Twelfth Night and will also appear in this summer’s Two Gentlemen of Verona, as well as the Shakespeare All-Stars Romeo and Juliet coming up in June.


Sommercast Episode 8: An Apple Cleft in Twain

Julian and Margaret interview “power couple” Dylan S. Roberts and Amy Malcom. Dylan is a director and a Midsommer Flight ensemble member who recently directed TWELFTH NIGHT. Amy is a gifted actress who just played Malvolio in the same show. Listen to them chat about how they met, how they each got their start in theatre, and what it’s like to work with your spouse.

Sommercast Episode 6: Fear No More

It’s our Halloween episode! Julian and Margaret discuss witchcraft in Shakespeare’s time, and the Midsommer Flight ensemble and guest artists perform some of Shakespeare’s best spooky music and monologues. Later in the episode, they interview Sam Cheeseman, who played Hamlet in the company’s recent production.